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gift certificates

If you are still looking for a last minute gift idea we have gift certificates available up till christmas eve. They are good up to one year from the date bought, and good for any artist at the shop or you can specify the artist you would like. We have had a lot of people […]

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humming bird

This tattoo is on our good friend Jennifer. I love this tattoo, unfortunately each one of the humming birds represents a pet of hers that has passed away over the years. So it’s a memorial with out being obvious. The tattoo on her ribs was the first humming bird, and is from a drawing that […]

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Elijah’s Dragon by Matt Greenhalgh

I just finished this Dragon on Elijah the other day. We ended up working for pretty much 8 hours straight and he sat there like nothing was happening. I still cant believe how well he sat for this last session. I’m so excited to see this project finished really happy with the finished tattoo. Elijah […]

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check us out in prick

Only You Tattoo is featured as shop of the month in the new December issue of PRICK. We have just a few photos inside but check out the interview. we have some copies at the shop and if you don’t live in Atlanta I’m sure you can find some in tattoo shops around your hood. […]

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I did this half sleeve on Kara before she moved away from atlanta. I’m not sure why I didn’t post it sooner. I think we finished it over the summer, this is a healed up photo. I love how it sits on her arm. She made it clear that she did not want the little […]

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