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As a shop we have been busy working and trying to share everything we do. We don’t want to forget about the blog, but with instagram we have been busy posting on there because of how fast and easy it is. It also reaches out to a lot of people within our industry. Checking out a blog is more time consuming and I think should offer more content since it takes time and effort to stop by here and read our rants. It also forces us to take a higher quality photo of our work instead of capturing everything on our phones.¬†We appreciate everyone that spends that time checking out our work.

In order to keep the blog a little more active our shop guy Hank is going to start posting weekly, with whatever he is thinking, tattoo related or not, and maybe some things he finds interesting. He will not disappoint you, or we will fire him.

I have a lot of photos to go through and figure out what I still need to post. Some of these are probably close to a year old since my daughter is now 1. Enjoy and thanks again for checking out the blog. More to come this week.



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We were featured in this months Inked Magazine. Check it out, go pick up a copy to support them. It’s hard to get great photos and good quality writing in a lot of publications out there. The article was about Matt and I, so they left out info about charles but his photos made it in. The interest was more on how good friends that came up at the same time could go into business and make it work. thanks for looking.


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For those who have not seen this video yet, our good friend Callum Preston made a little video of the shop during his visit from Australia. He did an amazing job and we wanted to share it with everyone. danielle

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new tattoos from Charles Chatov

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