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Hanya mask half sleeve by Matt Greenhalgh

Heres a tattoo i did for Tom. this one kind of developed as we went along. Tom is a great client super fun to work with. this tattoo was finished a while ago and were half way through a new project now. thanks Tom for bringing me such fun work to do.

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Eagle by Matt Greenhalgh

Finished this tattoo a while ago for our friend Hank. I spent the last 8 hours drawing for an appointment i feel really fried and don’t know what to write hopefully this tattoo will speak for it’s self. thanks Hank this tattoo was super fun.

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best tattoo studio in atlanta

We won! Creative Loafing in Atlanta has voted us critics pick for best tattoo studio 2010. We have really worked hard to build a reputation in Atlanta, and it’s an honor to be named best tattoo studio by some people that really know what they are talking about. We opened the shop in 2009 and […]

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Horiyoshi 2 Dragon by Matt Greenhalgh

Here is a dragon I did for Felicia. I finished this one up here in Atlanta but got to work on it in Savannah at Anonymous Tattoo.  The crew at Anonymous are great and i would love to spend more time hanging out down there.

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Koi fish by Matt Greenhalgh

Finished this sleeve for Dustin a little while ago. Dustin had a bunch of little tattoos on his arm, rather then cover them up and have the design get to heavy we chose to work around them. I think it worked well.

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