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small tattoos… sometimes they work

I’ve always wanted to take a photo with a coin in it to show the size. I’m amused by it. So here is the very small and detailed stamp tattoo that I recently did. I saw it all healed up and looked great. Even ended up doing just the bird bigger on her husband’s arm, […]

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matching tattoos

I love these tattoos, and I don’t think its a bad idea to get matching tattoos with friends and partners, but there is always the chance of things not working out. Well i’ve waited to put this post of because of that very reason. The couple that got this tattoo wanted it for their 5 […]

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purgeatl interview with danielle

There are few times in interviews that you are completely happy with the way it turns out. It’s a normal thing. I was taught to have low expectations when it comes to any sort of print on yourself, but this is honestly the first time that I have been blown away by the interview. Cristen […]

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it had to be you

Thomas Edison has the first patent on a phonograph, along with an etching tool that tattoo machines were later based on, and tons of other stuff that makes up my daily routine. Thanks Edison. This phonograph tattoo is for her grandparents, it is such a classic iconic image, which is just too sweet. The last […]

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tattoos for ladies

i have been so excited to do these tattoos on jodi. she made an appointment awhile ago to get these little filler designs into her sleeve. life gets in the way and it’s been over a year that these drawings were sitting around waiting for her. amazingly i never lost the drawings and knew that […]

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