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FRIDAY THE 13TH and $13 tattoos with a $7 lucky tip!!!

if you haven’t been to our shop for friday the 13th, lets explain. for years now the artist here at only you tattoo have been tattooing the number 13 on friday the 13th for $13 + $7 lucky tip= $20 TATTOO this how it works. OPEN 11AM-MIDNIGHT (13 HOURS OF TATTOOING) FIRST COME FIRST SERVED […]

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atlanta heart

so for a long time my friend matt and i have talked about tattooing him. i knew it would happen even if it took 4 years. he did get a little friday the 13th tattoo in that time, but this was the first real tattoo that took more than 10 mins. it’s great to see […]

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mary magdelene

kate got this tattoo as a gift from our friend angel, which is an amazing gift to give someone especially with how big this tattoo was. kate is covered in really great tattoos, and i’ve been looking forward to tattooing her for a few years now, just knowing that she has good ideas for tattoos, […]

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jennifer’s memorial sailor tattoo

this tattoo is for jennifer’s grandfather malcie, she has a lot of hummingbirds as memorials for lost friends and family. we had to add this one in for her grandfather. he was a sailor this ship in the tattoo was based on an actual boat he liked or was actually on. i love tattooing jennifer […]

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doing it right

new script chest piece, so much fun for me to do the busier the better. i use to be terrified to do script, when i lived in california i just had to do it, there was no backing out. now i actually enjoy it and love getting fancy with it. i think this is a […]

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