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danielle distefano is back working

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and I hate when people say that on their blogs. I am back to work after having a baby girl Stella Grace, and it’s taken some time to get back on track. My portfolio is being designed right now after not updating it for over 3 years, […]

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phoenix by matt greenhalgh

Hey there its been a while lots of stuff going on and i was sleeping on the blog so sorry for that. we’ve all been doing some fun stuff, so there should be lots of ¬†interesting content on its way. hope everyone had a great christmas and new year. we just had our friday the […]

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friday the 13th is tomorrow

It’s time again. If you have not been to the shop before or know what we are doing it’s our $20 tattoo day. $13 tattoo + $7 tip. You can only choose the designs from the sheet that we have drawn up, and will only be available at the shop. We do not take appointments, […]

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What better gift than one that last forever. We are stocked up with gift certificates for any of the artists, in any amount of money. The gift certificates expire 1 year from purchase. If you are unsure of which artist to pick ¬†you can leave that open, and let the person decide. We just want […]

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In Progress Dragon with skull by Matt Greenhalgh

I posted the drawing for this tattoo a while back. Billy Has been a great client and super consistent with banging this one out. were gonna work on it some more tonight and i cant wait to see it develop one step closer to completion. I’ve shown it here first as an outline then with […]

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